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Algorithmic Trading Online Education

At "Autotrading Academy" we teach a unique superior way to create fully automated and robust trading strategies. Compiled over years of experience it helps traders throughout the entire algorithmic systems development process.

We believe we've created the fastest practical formula to create Expert Advisors for MT4 without programming, even if you have a day job.

Our step by step videos place essence upon simplicity and speedy development process where the aim is strategy robustness. These robust strategies have a much higher chance of surviving and performing in the uncertain future.

Algorithmic trading is really not that difficult when you have a formula to follow, and that's what we teach. The main goal is not just to create one algorithmic strategy, but dozens or even hundreds.

They have to be robust enough to pass the most advanced and difficult tests and prove they have enough potential to survive in the real market.

The tools and software we are using makes all this possible and eliminates the need of programming. Speed, simplicity and automation makes it possible for anyone who has at least basic knowledge in computers and financial markets.

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MQL4 programming days are over

Listen, what would you choose?

Developing one automated trading strategy (EA) in several weeks/months and then find out it does not produce the results you have been hoping for? It's backtest results look weak and EA optimization over the next few weeks did not gave any progress.

... OR ...

Spend a few minutes to choose building blocks, strategy options, tell the software how good your strategies should look like and press PLAY to generate dozens or even hundreds of EA strategies per day with promising backtest results?

Not sure what about you, but for us option #2 sounds like a plan and this is exactly what we teach in our "Trading Strategy Launch Framework" video course.

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What Our Students Are Saying

Erron Adams Erron Adams, Australia,

Anyone looking for a mentor in the difficult art of automated forex trading strategy creation, will not do better than to enlist Rimantas & Justin as their guides. I have spent the last several weeks evaluating the TSLF, and thoroughly recommend it. All subjects are exhaustively covered, and the bonus tools really speed up the process for someone learning this system.

Ryan van Klaveren Ryan van Klaveren, Australia

StrategyQuant and the "Trading Strategy Launch Framework" in-depth lectures provided by Rimantas & Justin have surpassed anything I've ever done in the past. I'm very excited and positive with the results I'm seeing this early into my strategy creation. Keep up the great work guys!

Charles Phillips Charles Phillips, Australia

Many thanks for the Trading Strategy Launch Course. The course has enabled me to start developing quality strategies and has been worth several times the purchase price

Charvel Rebagay Charvel Rebagay, Philippines

I have been using EAs purchased online and most of them do not really live up to their promises. I am so glad that I have found TSLF. Now I am able to produce my own portfolio of EAs. The lessons are explained really well that even a beginner can fully understand them. Thanks to Justin and Rimantas!

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